Robin Hood: Rising to Honor - Episode 4

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A kingdom burdened by war, taxes, and a tyrannical monarch ...

As England struggles to carry on in the absence of the good King Richard, other forces begin gathering to grab power. Meanwhile, those who suffer most are the common folk, crushed under the weight of excessive taxation and lawlessness.

Rich soundscapes, original music, and compelling voice acting bring the medieval world of Robin Hood to life, immersing listeners in an epic tale of bravery and justice--in a way you've never heard before.

CAST and CREW for this episode:

Dominic Treis as the Servant

Duffy Weber as Cyril the Steward

Kera O’Bryon as Cyril’s Wife

A.W. Miller as Reeves the Treasurer

Stacey Bradshaw as Elizabeth

Alicia Hansen as Maid Marian

Jonathan Cooke as Robin Hood

Sound design by Jonathan Cooke and Craig Hart

Voice track editing by Craig Hart

Writing, Directing, and Production by Craig Hart, Alicia Hansen, and Jonathan Cooke

Episode music by Dominic Treis; LRT Media theme composed by John Campbell

Cover art by Craig Hart; Robin Hood logo by Jonathan Winstead

Robin Hood: Rising to Honor is a production of LRT Media and Eternal Future Productions

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Robin Hood: Rising to Honor - Episode 4

2 ratings
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