Sherlock Holmes: A Royal Scandal

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A mysterious royal visitor, a beautiful and clever antagonist, and an adventure of disguise and subterfuge ... has Sherlock Holmes met his match at long last?

"A Royal Scandal," an adaptation of "A Scandal in Bohemia," stars RJ Bayley (Holmes), A.W. Miller (Dr. Watson), Mike Carnes (The King), Stephanie Nemeth-Parker (Irene Adler), Liam Price (John), and Nicole Swanson (Mrs. Hudson). Direction, adaptation, and sound design by Craig Hart.

Musical score composed by Conner Savoca

LRT Media theme composed by John Campbell


"Wish there were more episodes ... I love the voice actors!!!!" - Cozy_Rozy, Apple Podcast Listener

"Loved it, beginning to end. Can't wait for the next one. You will not be disappointed!" - Leonard, Audible Listener

"Listened to and read everything Arthur Conan Doyle over the years. This is quite good! Well done." - M, Audible Listener


"A Scandal in Bohemia," from which this audio drama is adapted, is one of the most popular Sherlock Holmes stories. While many fans are familiar with the plot and its characters, there are some lesser-known facts and interesting details surrounding the story:

  1. First Appearance of Irene Adler: This story is the only one in which Irene Adler appears, but she leaves such a lasting impression on Holmes (and the readers) that she's often thought to be a recurring character. In later adaptations, Irene Adler's role has been expanded due to her popularity.
  2. Not a Murder Case: Unlike many other Sherlock Holmes stories, "A Scandal in Bohemia" doesn't revolve around a murder. Instead, it's about the King of Bohemia seeking Holmes' assistance in retrieving a photograph.
  3. Opera Reference: The opera that Irene Adler had once performed in, mentioned in the story, is Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi.
  4. Watson's Marriage: At the beginning of the story, Watson has been married and moved out of 221B Baker Street. He’s called upon by Holmes and it's clear that Watson's life has moved on, but he still relishes the excitement of working with Holmes.
  5. Adaptations: Though the story itself is short, its significance has led to it being adapted multiple times for film, television, and radio. The character of Irene Adler has been reimagined in numerous ways, sometimes as a love interest for Holmes and sometimes as an antagonist.
  6. Contemporary Relevance: The story deals with issues of privacy and blackmail, which are very much relevant in today's world of social media, cyber threats, and digital surveillance.
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Sherlock Holmes: A Royal Scandal

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